Light sensor circuit

I’ve just completed my light sensor circuit and it has come out great. It took a while to work all of it out but i finished and it has turned out good.

Google spreedsheets

A google spreedsheet is a place where heaps of people can share information on a computer in one place. You can change information if it’s wrong in a click of a button. Our class and another class used it today to share information about us. We had to share how many siblings and pets we have ect. But you could use this program if you are doing a project with someone and other ways to share information over a computer. Out of the two classes they basicly had even information but 7E is way better!!

Term 4 goals

My term 3 report was alright but I really need to work harder in art. All my other subjects were highs or mediums but my art wasn’t very good. I need to be more organised and don’t socialize with my friends so much. I also need to work on my behavior and listen skills I also need to focus on the task. This goals are for every subject so I can get a great report.

Being Safe Online

Today we learnt and watched videos on how to be safe in the cyber world. We looked at some tips and some of them were:

1. Report fake profiles

2. Change your password reguraly

3. Do not post inappropriate content

4.Do not like inappropriate content

5.Do not add people you don’t know as friends

So these are some tips that we learnt today to be safe on the internet.


Fractured fairytale

A fractured fairytale …

(A) Once upon a time, there lived a boy of enormous proportion.

But he was scared and lonely and needed a princess but he lived in a castle far away from everyone else. So he started a war, and tried to invade the west with high tech missiles, guns,  tanks, planes and one horse. But the west was ready for it and killed them all but one,the golden gnome.

(B) The gnome never saw it coming.

It struck him right where the sun don’t shine, he got angry, and he full raged. He went on a killing spree, he nuked the east, he nuked the west and the north until there was only one gnome standing, the golden gnome.

(C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!”, the frog exclaimed.

“Because it has a golden look and inside is filled with chemicals that will kill you within 23 hours!” said dope bopy. But then a spear came flying across the room and went straight threw dope bopy’s body taking out his stomach. “No come back my friend don’t live god please oh please god help him!” Frog grabbed the spear, and piffed the spear it went flying across the room and went straight through the guys head that threw the spear. “Take that!” frog exclaimed. As they ran through the high tech room they found a room with a portal.

(A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal.

He walked through the kingdom like a gangster, people bowed to him and gave him wise words but they didn’t know the main reason why he was here. He was here to destroy the whole universe with the golden gnomes help.

(B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport.

“Ahhhgggg!” Boris yelled, and the discus took some guys head off, the whole airport just stopped and stared. You only hear a heartbeat finding the discus not just to be a normal discus it was a golden discus.That could only mean one thing the golden………..

(C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one.

Ok then, watch out! A boomerang came flying through the window hitting my friend, exploding my friend into pieces.

(A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries.

The flying chairs had hit the nukes and exploded in the wrong place, but the biggest worry was that the tiger had eaten their heads off and arms. Boris had made a arm out off gold and the golden gnome was no longer a golden gnome but he was a silver gnome.

(B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled.

Bang! A boomerang takes his head off but this boomerang wasn’t just a normal boomerang, it was a golden boomerang made out of silver, oooo we have a twist on our hands.

(C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time.

“Then go that way! yelled pp, while I go on the spaceship that can go 10000000 km per hour,” said bb man. The spaceship took off with great speed but they forgot to get bb. “What the hell! Don’t leave me!” exclaimed bb man. A nuke went off killing bb man and all the others near him while pp man is in the spaceship flying to another planet. He flew to another universe, that had skyscrapers and aliens that looked like humans. But there was a giant which was on showcase which was a little weird.

And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner.

Reliable Websites

Today in ilearn we lernt about reliable and unreliable websites. We did an activity which was we went on a wikipedia which Mr Twitt made  and had to find the mistakes he had put in there. I found 10/11.

We also did another activity which was that we got topics and we had tom find a reliable and a unreliable website. This was a reliable website for the moon landing, This is reliable website because it is made by the government and NASA.

This was a unreliable website, This was a unreliable website because it hadn’t been updated since 2007 and had no author.

My Report Reflection

This week I got my report and I was happy at how much I have achieved. I passed every subject for the semester what I was happy about. Teachers thought that I should do public speaking and don’t get distracted and be distracting. In most of my classes I got very good behaviour and effort but I did some that were only acceptable so I got to work on that! Overall I thought that my report was very good and I’m proud of it.

Cyber Safety

Today we learnt how to be cyber safe. Some of the things we learnt is to NEVER share your password and don’t send pictures to people you don’t know. In chat rooms you have to be careful as well because there is predators in there. People can also track messegers that you sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s what I learnt today at ilearn.